Dr. Darrow's NEW Cookbook
Healthy Food Healthy Brain
YES, Eating healthy can reduce the risk of dementia!

Dr. Darrow shares the science behind the foods our brains love (and hate!) and includes delicious recipes for:

*Brain-Boosting Breakfasts
*Lavish Lunches
*Scrumptious Snacks
*Lip-Smacking Smoothies
*Delectable Dinners

Dr. Keith Darrow, Ph.D. 

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, Ph.D., M.I.T and Harvard Medical School Trained Neuroscientist, Clinical Audiologist and Certified Dementia Practitioner – one of the top specialists in the field of audiology - has written an enlightening book about preventing the decline associated with untreated hearing loss and tinnitus. He reveals his groundbreaking approach to medically treating hearing loss and tinnitus to build a better future for each patient and their loved ones. 
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